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Photographs of brocali's teamof doctors


Welcome to Brocali – where learning gets a fresh twist! We started in 2021 with a team from different backgrounds, all on a mission to change the way we learn.

At Brocali, we're all about making education easy to get, affordable, and flexible. We get the struggles that students, teachers, and administrators go through in the long educational journey.

That's why we started Brocali, to shake things up.
Our main deal? An AI-driven learning and examination hub. It's designed for individual learners and organizations, giving them the tools they need to step up and have a smooth ride.

Brocali isn't just about learning; it's about a whole experience that breaks the old-school mold.
Dr. Amin Ali on stage as a speaker at Techstars Demo Day.


Brocali's mission is simple – we want to make education available, affordable and adaptable to all. We are on a mission to break down barriers and provide a platform that understands and addresses the challenges faced by students, teachers, and administrators.


At Brocali, we see a future where education is not limited by traditional rules. We see a world where learning is exciting, inclusive, and enriching for everyone. Our vision is to reshape education, creating a community that values continuous learning, innovation, and empowerment.

Amin Ali M.D

CEO | Co-Founder

Mike J. Kardosh

CTO | Co-Founder

Arin Khoury

Chief Customer Officer

Yasmin Abo Seef

Customer Relation Manager

Mohammed Nawahda

VP of R&D

Ibrahim Hassan

Lead Engineer

Zaid Zakaria M.D

Medical Educator

Team members

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