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Private Medical Classes
With Top Doctors 


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What set us apart?

Customize your session to align with your specific requirements, whether it's for exam prep like Usmle step 1, NBME, and university exams, expanding your knowledge, acquiring new skills, receiving academic support, or seeking career advice.

Personalized Experience

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Get the opportunity to learn from top-notch doctors and experts in your preferred field.

Quality Learning

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Learn comfortably from your couch at your preferred time, alone or with your friend, with the flexibility to schedule and select or modify experts easily as needed.

Convenience and flexibility

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What we offer?

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Prep for pre-med topics, university courses, Usmle, NBME, and different board exams.

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Support for understanding and mastering difficult medical topics

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Training on new skills for Clinical phase

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Academic and career consultation

How it works?

Answer a short, 1-minute assessment to let us know about your tutoring needs.


We’ll have a 10-minute call and schedule your first session within the next three days


Experience the quality of our tutoring services to ensure we are the right fit for your needs.




Brocali is a very excellent platform, the doctors’ explanation is complete and detailed, very useful, all due respect, may God bless you

Aya Khater


Brocali is the best medical educational institution / they simplify the most complicated material/ i advice anyone just to sign up in brocali since i tried many other medical teaching choices i cant compare between them

Khaled Asir


For me brocali hepled me a lot in understanding all the concepts in a very simple ways thanks to the doctors knowing what high yeild whats not .

Majd Taon


Brocali isnt the only one  , But its the best!
I got directed by brocali’s doctors and known how to start new medical life as a medical student which changes a lot of mind concepts ! Trusted was of success by chosen Brocali, Thanks to the time that introduced me to Brocali

Ameer Masarwa


Brocali provide me all the, knowledge and tools to pass the medic exams, they support me throw all the steps.

Angham Mattar


Brocali played a major role in my life, they didn't just prepare mefor the exam, they also gave me the tools to navigate the obstacles of life. They cheered me up when it was hard, and helped me be more confident in perusing my passions and dreams in life.

Aseel Abu Al-Heja


I am a fifth year medical student at DSMA, Ukraine.
Preparing for Step1, your resource has been extremely helpful. I appreciate all the hard work this incredible team is putting into “Brocali”.
Thank you!

Lina Hamza

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