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7 Months


Our USMLE Step 1 online live course is led by top doctors who have successfully crashed the exam. Tailored for both students and graduates, it offers comprehensive knowledge, hand on training, private mentoring and guidance, questions solving workshops and more to make sure you're well-prepared to ace the exam.

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Medical students | Medical graduates | M.D

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7 Months


USMLE Step 1

Online Live Course:




Jun 20, 2024

average rating is 4.7 out of 5

200 hours of interactive learning

240 articles focused on Usmle step 1

440 Usmle step 1 learning videos

1550+ Usmle Step 1 practice questions.

2500+ Flashcards and quizzes

6 Usmle step 1 question practice workshops

Study plan creation

One private session with a medical tutor

One assessment exam simulates the real environment

Priority customer support via WhatsApp and Zoom

This course includes:

Master The USMLE
Anywhere, Anytime!

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Brocali is a very excellent platform, the doctors’ explanation is complete and detailed, very useful, all due respect, may God bless you

Aya Khater


Brocali is the best medical educational institution / they simplify the most complicated material/ i advice anyone just to sign up in brocali since i tried many other medical teaching choices i cant compare between them

Khaled Asir

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Major topic: Basic science  

Subtopic: Immunology 

Question: what cell is responsible for the reaction in type IV hypersensitivity reaction? 

Requirements: Mention the role of T lymphocytes in type IV hypersensitivity reaction. 

A 3-year-old boy experiences recurrent sinusitis and an episode of severe pneumonia.  As part of his evaluation, Candidaextract is injected intradermally.  Forty-eight hours later, he returns to the clinic with a firm nodule measuring 16 mm in diameter, where the extract was injected.  Which of the following cell types is most likely responsible for the reaction observed in this patient?


  1. B lymphocytes 

  2. Eosinophils 

  3. Mast cells 

  4. Neutrophils 

  5. T lymphocytes 

  • 5. T lymphocytes 

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