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Brocali Joins InvenTech's Exclusive Cohort, Spearheading Innovation in Haifa


Apr 19, 2023

Brocali's Innovation Odyssey: A Key Player in Haifa's Thriving Tech Landscape with InvenTech Haifa

Brocali proudly announces its selection as one of the nine innovative startups chosen by InvenTech in 2023, an exclusive startup program backed by Haifa Municipality, hiCenter, and Haifa Economic Corporation. This recognition marks a significant milestone for Brocali as it joins a cohort dedicated to fostering innovation and growth in downtown Haifa.

InvenTech, a unique startup program, serves as the driving force behind connecting startups with vital resources, investors, clients, and partnerships. Designed to support and amplify the innovation ecosystem in downtown Haifa, the program provides participating companies with comprehensive business support, including grants, office spaces, and connections essential for success.

Brocali, known for its groundbreaking approach to healthcare education, is set to benefit from InvenTech's dynamic platform, enabling startups to raise capital, penetrate global markets, and establish valuable partnerships. The program's duration, ranging from 6 to 18 months, aligns with each venture's unique roadmap, offering tailored support to ensure maximum success.

Selected startups, including Brocali, will enjoy various incentives, such as up to $100K in cash grants, rent financing in workspaces within the Haifa Port District for the program's duration, and subsidized lunch cards for employees. This strategic partnership with InvenTech positions Brocali at the forefront of innovation in Haifa, reinforcing its commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare education.

Stay tuned for updates as Brocali embarks on this exciting journey with InvenTech, contributing to the vibrant and flourishing innovation district in downtown Haifa.

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