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Brocali Thrives at Techstars Chicago 2022 Accelerator Program


Sep 5, 2022

Empowering Medical Education: Brocali's Journey Through Techstars Chicago Accelerator

Brocali, the innovative e-learning platform revolutionizing medical school exam preparation, proudly announces its successful participation in the prestigious Techstars Chicago 2022 accelerator program. Handpicked with a remarkable 1% acceptance rate, Brocali joined a cohort of twelve promising startups from the region, presenting its vision and achievements at the recent Techstars Chicago Demo Day.

Hosted by Techstars Chicago and 1871, the accelerator program provided Brocali with a transformative three-month journey, during which the company's co-founders, Amin Ali and Mike Kardosh, immersed themselves in invaluable mentorship and networking opportunities. The collaborative environment offered by Techstars proved to be instrumental for Brocali's growth, aligning with the program's emphasis on building lasting connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Neal Sáles-Griffin, Managing Director of Techstars Chicago, emphasized the profound impact of the accelerator, stating, "The true value of the Techstars experience is the connections you foster with the people around you. The lifelong bonds that get formed throughout [the] program and long thereafter are hard to quantify but are consistently the number one benefit our founders say they experience from the program."

Brocali, currently in beta, demonstrated significant traction with over 500 customers and successfully raised $220,000 in funding, as reported by Techstars. The company's innovative approach to simplifying medical school exam preparation aligns with Techstars' commitment to fostering disruptive solutions in the technology and startup landscape.

As Brocali continues to make waves in the e-learning space, its participation in Techstars Chicago 2022 further solidifies its position as a pioneering force in the education technology sector. Stay tuned for more updates on Brocali's journey and groundbreaking contributions to the future of learning.

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